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Join Paragon Black Star Citizen organization for a stress-free journey, where you can explore the galaxy, engage in diverse gameplay, and be part of a supportive, casual community.

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Welcome to Paragon Black, a small and close-knit Star Citizen organization dedicated to providing a stress-free and enjoyable journey through the galaxy. Our organization is an ideal haven for both new players and seasoned veterans of Star Citizen. As a casual, supportive community, we offer a unique blend of exploration, diverse gameplay, and camaraderie. Whether you’re a beginner in the Star Citizen universe or an experienced pilot, Paragon Black is your gateway to an unforgettable space adventure. Recruitment is now open, inviting you to join our ranks and embark on an epic journey!

Paragon Black stands out as a welcoming destination for Star Citizen new players and beginners also. We understand the complexities and vastness of the Star Citizen universe can be daunting for newcomers. That’s why our organization focuses on a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere, making it the perfect place for those taking their first steps in space. We offer guidance on Star Citizen ships, gameplay mechanics, and strategies, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all members. Our aim is to make every new player feel at home, providing a supportive environment where questions are encouraged, and learning is a shared journey.

The Lore

Founded in the star year 2952, Paragon Black has carved its niche in the Star Citizen universe. Our origins trace back to a group of visionaries seeking financial freedom and adventure in space. Situated near the Stanton system star, we’ve engaged in various operations, often pitting us against larger Star Citizen organizations like Nine Tails and the UEE. Our unique position has allowed us to gather inside information, giving us an edge in our tactical operations. While currently focused in the Stanton system, our sights are set on expanding to Pyro and beyond, as we continue to grow and recruit more members into our ranks.

The org.

At the core of Paragon Black is our community – a melting pot of individuals from around the world, united by our love for Star Citizen. We cater to a diverse range of players, embracing different ages and backgrounds. Our approach to gameplay is relaxed and flexible, allowing members to engage in various activities, including PvE, PvP, bounty hunting, piracy, and smuggling, at their own pace. We value each member’s life outside the game, promoting a no-pressure environment. In our Star Citizen organization, every play style is respected, and every contribution, no matter the size, is valued.

What We Do

In Paragon Black, Star Citizen enthusiasts can indulge in a wide array of gameplay options. Our organization caters to a variety of interests, from Player versus Environment (PvE) missions to the adrenaline-fueled Player versus Player (PvP) combats. Our PvE activities include bounty hunting and strategic missions, ideal for those who prefer cooperative gameplay. For those seeking more intense action, our PvP encounters offer thrilling battles and strategic gameplay. This diversity ensures that every member, regardless of their preference, finds engaging and fulfilling activities within our Star Citizen organization.

PvP Gameplay

Who doesn't like the thrills and adrenaline of a beautiful combat. Sometimes fights appear out of nowhere or are part of our operations. Despite the fact that we do encourage you to PvP to grow your skills, we will never force you into PvP combat if that is not your thing.

PvE Gameplay

There are days when you want to fight players or days where you just want to chill and shoot some NPCs. We totally get that and we are doing PvE gameplay loops, like bounty hunting for example.
If you just want to do Xenothreat or Siege of orison or you just want to grind some UEC, we are in.

Industrial Gameplay

We can't say no to salvaging or mining. We have members that are skilled industrialists that know the secrets of how to pull the most UEC out of a industrial operation, so if you are into that, just hit Join Now and join our Star Citizen organization.


Sure that now we are running around in circles, but with the upcoming Pyro and the development of the game we really look forward towards the exploration gameplay that we hope we will have sooner than later.

Play Star Citizen

If you are not playing Star Citizen yet, hit the button and register yourself. We are happy to offer you all the support you need for picking up your first package and for your first steps in the ‘verse.  

Our Projects

Paragon Black is not just about playing; we’re also innovators within the Star Citizen universe. Our latest project is the RutoBot Discord bot, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your Star Citizen experience. RutoBot offers essential services like rescue beacons for emergency assistance, a dynamic mission board for collaborative gameplay, citizen lookup for strategic interactions, and trade price updates. These tools are invaluable for both Star Citizen beginners and experienced players, streamlining your in-game activities and fostering a more connected community.




If you’re a Star Citizen new player, joining Paragon Black is a straightforward process. Click on the “Join Now” button to start your journey with us. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting your first Star Citizen ship to navigating the initial gameplay challenges. Our community is eager to support you, offering tips, guidance, and camaraderie as you take your first steps in the expansive Star Citizen universe.

We all have been noobs at some point. We are here to help you improve and get better at Star Citizen.

Sure you can, you can be affiliated with our organization. You can even hide the organization on your profile or set it as redacted. It is totally up to you. You can be part of as many Star Citizen organizations as you want, we won’t tell you what you can join and what you can’t join.

No, the goal of our organization is to be able to enjoy all gameplay loops without restrictions. This means that we are not dedicated to Star Citizen piracy, but we might pirate sometimes if we find a reason to do that. By any means you are not forced to take part in piracy if you don’t want too.

Hell no! You just need a game package of your choice to be able to play the game. We can even help you to get more ships in-game by playing together.

No you don’t. Even if some of us prefer joysticks, you can totally play Star Citizen using mouse and keyboard. There are really great pilots playing with mouse and keyboards.

Paragon Black Star Citizen Organization Disclaimer is the website of a gaming community that represents a fictional organization in the game Star Citizen, created by Cloud Imperium Games.